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Massage -Stretch Marks and Cellulite

Care and Protection

Massage Balsamic Creams



Produces overall relaxation, stimulates the blood flow, softens the tissues, and helps to make massage more effective.

An absolute pleasurable and enjoyable experience.

Ideal for physiotherapeutic massages.


- Mineral oils
- Skin emollients and lubricants
- Vegetable oils
- Nutrients
- Camphor and menthol
- Blood flow stimulators

Available in three sizes:

200 ml Jar

500 ml Jar

1000 ml Jar

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Use Massage Balsamic Cream for:

Body, Relaxation and Feel-Good Massage
Foot Reflex Massage
Hand Reflex Massage
Sports Massage
Erotic Massage
Care and Massage: hands, feet, legs, arms and body
Stretch Marks and Cellulite


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